Importance of Personal Assistance for Seniors

As we age, we have to rely more and more on others. The fact is, at some point in your life, you won’t be capable enough to take care of yourself & hence will need assistance.

Personal assistance can help relieve the stress which seniors suffer every now and then and produce a safer surrounding for them inside their house. Besides, seniors who’re being left alone can also get a much-required company through these services.

Will Medicare Pay for Personal Home Care?

Medicare or Medicare Supplement Plans won’t cover personal home care services. Medicare only pays for medical services that are essential and suggested by a Medicare-approved doctor.

Advantages of Personal Home Care Services:

  1. Personal hygiene:

As we age, it becomes more and more difficult for us to be able to move, no matter if it’s climbing up the stairs, taking a bath or other similar thing.

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019Bathing, in particular, can become very challenging for people with restricted movement. A weak attempt might even result in a fall that may break bones & cause serious medical complications.

With a personal assistance, seniors can be assured to enjoy a safe bath without having to worry about an accident. Besides, they’ll assist them in washing areas which are hard for them to reach like the feet and the back.

Personal assistance also includes helping seniors use the lavatory. In short, personal assistance focus on every single aspect of the day to day care of an elderly, irrespective of how messy or embarrassing it might be.

  1. Company of others:

Personal assistance is not just looking after the elderly. Carers undergo training that allows them to be attentive & friendly towards seniors. Some seniors might feel lonely after their partner passes away or their loved ones move away. Hence, at times the thing they most care for is having a friend who can offer them a company.

Through a 24hr personal assistance service, seniors won’t have to feel alone ever again.

  1. Assistance with House Maintenance

As the body weakens, it gets more difficult for seniors to maintain a clean & tidy house. Dusting regions that are high to reach can become very tough & the extra strain while reaching these regions might put unwanted pressure on the body potentially resulting in an injury.

With personal assistance seniors can be assured that they don’t need to go off their way for keeping their house tidy.