Importance of Strength Training for Seniors

Among the major reasons why senior citizens especially those above the age of 65 lose their balance and fall is because of the lack of necessary strength in their muscles. The human body is meant to move & most elderly avoid regular exercise sessions, making them lose their strength as well as balance. Getting used to a workout program created especially for seniors can prove vital in preventing falls.

Most seniors find strengthening & balancing workouts to be challenging. So, it’s best to always start a workout program alongside an experienced Senior Fitness coach. They can thoroughly asses your strength & balance issues, which can include skeletal issues, soft tissue injuries, etc.

A cardio workout program that’s designed taking into account your specific fitness needs is likely to enhance the oxygen uptake & blood flow to essential organs in your body.

Stretching workouts can lengthen muscle tissues which may have been shortened as a result of inactivity. This will allow you to move more freely as well as ease the muscular pain if any.

Strength exercises can be crucial in keeping your bones and muscles strong. Strength exercises are proven to minimize osteoporosis while increasing the bone mass. This greatly helps minimize deformity within the fractures & limbs especially in your spine and hip area. Lack of balance and tone in muscles can be easily minimized through strength exercises.

Cardio workouts, balance workouts, stretching sessions, and strength training not only adds essential physical improvements in your daily routine but also makes you strong and capable mentally. An increased flow of oxygen and blood cells towards the brain & other major organs can help improve your efficiency while minimizing the odds of memory loss which is most common as you age.

Starting a workout routine might seem like a major challenge at first, however getting a professional assistance from a trainer who specializes in senior health can be the job a lot easier. Always be sure to consult with your doctor prior to starting any workout program.

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