Importance of Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga can be a great form of meditation as well as exercise for individuals of all age groups & it’s definitely among the preferred workouts for the elderly. It’s very relaxing and gentle on your joints & bones. Often, it’s suggested for the elderly when they’re feeling depressed as it helps them lift their spirits & also refreshes their body and mind likewise. Yoga is also ideal for seniors who’re unable to do harder workouts because of weakness or some sort of disability which doesn’t let them do alternative workouts. Yoga might also help you reduce your blood pressure & offer relief from the symptoms of arthritis.

Nevertheless, if you’re considering Yoga, be sure to talk to your doctor first prior to starting your sessions. Although Yoga is known to be a very gentle form of exercise, it might be challenging for individuals with weak muscle mass, or dizzy spells. Also, in case you’re a diabetic, your blood sugar levels could go quite low while doing Yoga.

Whilst initially starting with Yoga, it’s best to try out only the basic poses. Since these are mostly static, they can help enhance your endurance & also the odds of injury are almost negligible. They’re known as asanas. It’s also good to learn some breathing methods known as called cleansing breath or Kapalabhati. They’re short but rapid means of breathing which need to come from your diaphragm.

Adho Mukha Svanasana is another great pose which you would want to master during your Yoga sessions. The pose is ideal for your back muscles as well as spine. To start with, you get on the floor pose & ensure that your shoulders & hands get properly aligned with hips & knees. After this, you try to lift one of your knees off the ground so that it reaches to the point where the body creates a V-shape. Also, at this point, your head must come as close to the ground as possible.

A yoga coach or teacher is highly recommended for seniors who are just starting out with Yoga.

Are Yoga Classes Covered Under Medicare?

Medicare or Medicare Supplement Plans does not cover fitness programs like Yoga or gym memberships. So, you might require additional coverage for this.