Oxygen Therapy: Does Medicare Cover it?

People enrolled in Part A & Part B Medicare might be allowed to rent equipment related to oxygen therapy for home usage. In addition, Medicare might also assist in covering oxygen along with other supplies in case you already have the equipment required for the therapy. Most oxygen accessories & equipment fall under the DME category for Medicare. Medicare (Part B) covers 80 percent of the total costs while the enrollee needs to pay the remaining 20 percent amount in addition to the deductible for Part B Medicare if any. Do check out Medicare Supplement Plans which can help you cover costs which Medicare doesn’t cover for oxygen therapy.

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In order to receive coverage for oxygen accessories & supplies, seniors are required to meet the below-mentioned requirements:

  1. Your physician confirms you’ve got a severe lung disorder or you are unable to get an adequate supply of oxygen.
  2. Your overall well-being can be improved via oxygen therapy.
  3. The blood gas level within your arteries is less than a particular range.
  4. Alternative treatment options weren’t enough to improve your health.
  5. Your

Once you start the therapy, more often than not you will be able to rent the oxygen supplies during the initial 3 years after which the supplier need to continue providing oxygen, service as well as maintenance for up to 5 years without any additional costs provided you still require oxygen. After 60 months or 5 years, you can stay with the current supplier or pick a new one, & the 3-year rental period will start over again.

Rental payments that come on a monthly basis might be able to cover oxygen services & accessories like:

Mouth-piece and/or tubing

Oxygen content

Reparations, maintenance & servicing

Note: Durable medical equipment might be based upon a Competitive Bidding Program in some states. In case you reside in a state in which competitive bidding is applicable, then the equipment must be rented from a supplier who allows Medicare enrollees. Your doctor can assist tell you whether it’s applicable to you & which suppliers you’ll be able to use within your region.